Our founder Shri Nagappa ji Hampali is in Dry Chilli industry for past 55 years as a traders. He is admired and respected in Industry for his knowledge and experience. His purchase decision are based on reports which includes sowed area, crop conditions, yield predication, weather, farmer sentiments, demand expectation etc.

Whats we have achieved till today?



How we can improve?


How accurate are we?

Whatever we do at SpiceExtra, we try to cross check them. Like our crop reports, before market arrivals we bring our reports on public forum like Linkedin and News paper like BusinessLine and then at end of season we check it with yielding.

Below is our monthly crop tracking for Karnataka 2022-23


Below image tells monthly arrivals of Dry Chilli to market for last and this year.

As with above image you can see that this year crop is late. Compared with last year, where we had 30% of yield low quality(white medium), this year its less than 5%. We are working with weather scientist and Agronomist to make our predication more accurate.


You can check our montly dry chilli report below

Karnataka Dry Chilli Outlook: March 2023

Karnataka Dry Chilli Outlook: February 2023

Karnataka Dry Chilli Outlook: January 2023

Karnataka Dry Chilli Outlook: December 2022

SpiceExtra is a platform for Research and Development(R&D) initiatives in Dry Chilli. It will focus on Digitizing – Price and Arrivals, Crop survey, Assaying and Branding. Check us at www.SpiceExtra.in

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