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Celebrating Karnataka’s Dry Chillies at India-75 By Hampali Traders
Spice Extra

SpiceExtra.in will be a platform for Research and Development(R&D) initiatives in Dry Chilli. It will focus on Digitizing, Crop survey, Assaying and Branding.

Spice Extra

SpiceExtra.in idea was conceived on 15th August 2022 and was launched on 2nd October 2022.

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Spice Extra

SpiceExtra.in is India’s leading platform for information on Dry Chillies. With over 5 decades of experience in this, it is doing pioneering work in giving crop reports, yearly arrival reports and lab reports of dry chillies.

About Us

Our Founder

Shri Nagappa Hampali with a small sum Started Dry Chilii trading firm “Hampali Traders” in 1968. Over the year’s Hampali Traders started to grow due to his hard work, integrity and customer centric approach. He got great support from the Dry Chilli ecosystem – Farmer’s, APMC mandi and Spice / Oleoresin companies. To give back to the Dry Chilli ecosystem , we are launching www. SpiceExtra.in.

SpiceExtra.in wants to collaborate with Farmer’s, Spice and Oleoresin companies, Scientist, Seed / Fertilizer companies and Startups to take Indian Dry Chillies to even greater heights on the global stage.

Our Vision

To Digitize complete Dry Chilli Data. Both arrivals and lab

sannam red chilli

teja red chilli

semi wrinkled red chilli

long red chilli

Ramnad mundu

What People Say About Us

Dr. A. B. Rema Shree

Director - (Research & Finance), Spices Board of India. Vice Chairman - Chilli Taskforce Committee, Govt of India.

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Dr. Viju Jacob

Managing Director, Synthite Industries Private Limited. Since 1980’s, Synthite made Dry Chilli ecosystem to dream big and professionalism that they brought, was unheard in Indian Spice Industry back then

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Kirandip Swani

Managing Director, Swani Spice Swani Spice based out from Mumbai is one of leading Spice Exporter of India with rich heritage of 150+ years.

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K. Madhavi Reddy

Principal Scientist - ICAR, Bangalore India's leading Dry Chilli Scientist

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Hubballi firm hosts website on dry chilli

Hampali Traders’ SpiceExtra.in platform to aid chilli user industry, R&D

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What People Say About Us

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This product is the best!!! Tried it once and I’m hooked!! I’ve had the jar for less than a month and I’m down to the very last bit! For any Chilli lovers who need some kick in their food you cannot go past this stuff! It’s a pantry must have!!! Spice Extra this product is gold! Well done
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Absolutely amazing chilli!! Bought it yesterday, I will be getting more of this, well done!!
Vikash Patil
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Best Chilli around. Love it!

Karnataka Dry Chilli Journey at India-75


Haveri District is known for chillies farming, especially Byadgi village is famous for high quality produce


Cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Indore etc., where major trading (sale) markets, most of all spice and masala mill owners use to purchase from these sale markets.


Hubli area farmers started growing chillies, Annigeri and Kundgol are ahead of major growth.


It was a revolutionary start to implement the Oleoresin Extraction. With this initiative over yield of produce is managed to solve the farmers problem.


Bellary and Raichur area which were irrigated also started cultivation of Dry Chilli.


This decade saw the start of building cold storage infrastructures to help chillies retain their quality for higher duration. Present capacity is 50+ lakh bags.


Digitization: Karnataka state implemented a digital tender system at all its APMC mandi, which was first of its kind in India at this scale. This brought more transparency and trust for farmers.


Karnataka leads the Industry in the premium category with its Byadgi / KDL variety.

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