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Dr. Viju Jacob

Synthite is one of the biggest buyers for Chillies from Karnataka, Andhra & Telangana. We purchase nearly 30000-40000 Mt in a year from these areas.

Out of this nearly 70 % of the material we do procure from open markets and fields. The balance quantity,nearly 8000-9000 Mt we do as IPM. We do have our own contract farming IPM programs mainly in Bellary & Raichur areas in Karnataka where our staff is directly working with farmers and vendors. We do proper trainings and support to farmers throughout the season.

The main varieties which we purchase from Karnataka are Byadgi colour chilli, Syngenta 5531, 334 etc

We are facing a lot of challenges for the material which we are directly buying from the open market.


– Pesticide residues: High usage of pesticides especially banned pesticide in
Chilli fields leading to Non availability of EU & US spec material. This will highly affect the human health in different ways. The producers, both domestic & Export powder, oleoresin and other forms of product manufactures are struggling due to the high pesticide residue levels.

Illegal Dyes: Usage of artificial colour for marking the chilli bags in all the markets and fields is leading to spread these dyes to material.

– Aflatoxin & Ochratoxin: Improper drying and practices leads to high Afla & Ochratoxins in Chilli.

– Disease: New Thrips attack in Chilli leads to very less yields and high usage of chemicals.


– Pesticide residues : The State/Central Government should take necessary steps to ban the pesticides which are having high toxic chemicals and give proper information to farmers.

– Illegal Dyes: The market committee & Spices board should take necessary steps to avoid the usage of artificial dyes for marking the bags, encourage the farmers to use new bags and avoid using paper coverings and plastic twins. Give proper awareness to farmers.

– Aflatoxin & Ochratoxin: Have to give proper training to farmers from all the stakeholders ( Govt bodies and Companies)

– Thrips attack: Have to find proper solutions to control the Thrips and give information and training to farmers.