Local Byadgi Crop Report 2022-23


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Hubli, which is located in Karnataka is known for growing Byadgi / KDL variety popularly known as Local. It is grown organically in traditional way which gives it up to 18-24 months shelf life and good aroma. Major areas are Kundgol and Annigeri. Local Byadgi has highest colour value among chillies, upto 270 ASTA. Sowing starts in June and harvest is from November to March.


Lets See how was Monsoon in 2022-23.


Diseases Impact

Above Wilt Disease:  This happens when their is continuous rainfall. This year its impact is very less compared with last year.


Above Western black thrips Disease:  This happens due to cold climatic condition. Pests multiply in many folds in just a matter of days. This year its impact is very less compared with last year.


Crop Sowing Report: 2022-23

Reported date 1st week of December, 2022
 Sowed area Sowing area is higher than last year, this is due to new farmer’s interest in Local Byadgi.
 Varieties Byadgi/KDL is 80% area and Syngenta-2043 is 10% area.
 Climate effect Crop loss is around 25-35% due to excessive rainfall in month of october.
 Expected arrivals 3rd or 4th week of December


Summarised: 2022-23


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