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Dr. A. B. Rema Shree

India is known as the land of Spices and we lead the production, consumption,
and export of spices globally. In the Indian spice export basket, the largest traded spice is Chilli. A total volume of 557,168 tons of chilli valued Rs.8,581.88 crore was exported in 2021-22. Indian chillies are known for their pungency and colour. In addition to the culinary uses, Indian chillies are in great demand in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries owing to their health benefits. They are widely used as a colouring agent also.

Characterized by wrinkles on the pods, low pungency and sweet flavour, Byadagi
Chillies possess the highest colour value among the different varieties of chillies grown in India. In order to get legal protection against any infringement, Spices Board obtained Geographical Indication registration for Byadagi Chillies in 2008 highlighting its specific geographical origin and the unique features that are due to the origin.

Byadagi Chillies add value to the Indian spice export basket and Spices Board is committed to support the farmers, traders and exporters to promote the spice
globally. Attention is also needed to ensure the purity of the crop and making the stakeholders aware of the unique specialities of Byadagi Chillies for better marketing.

I congratulate the Hampali Traders for bringing out the report ‘Karnataka Dry
Chillies Journey at India 75’.