Karnataka April 2023


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Karnataka, is known across the world for growing high coloured dry chillies. Major area’s are Hubli, Bellary and Raichur. Varieties are Byadgi / KDL, Dabbi, Syngenta 5531, Syngenta 2043 and others.

Area Sowing period Harvest period
 Hubli  June – July November – March
 Bellary July – August January – April
Raichur  July – September  February – May



Karnataka Market arrivals in April 2023.


April 2023 Summarized


April SpiceExtra Updates:

Hukum is pioneering Digitization with accuracy

This year was challenging for the Indian Dry Chilli Industry due to climate effects. Arrivals were delayed by 6-8 weeks, due to late sowing and climatic conditions. But in this volatile market also, SpiceExtra.in Dry Chilli business intelligence software Hukum” was able to give accurate reports. This was achieved due to its community of Farmer’s, Agronomist, climate experts and others. Thanks You can read more here


www.SpiceExtra.in History

Hampali traders started in 1968 is a Dry Chilli trading firm from Hubli, Karnataka. Its founder is Shri Nagappa ji Hampali, who is respected in Industry for his hard work and honesty. In 2017 we saw there was no digital information available on dry chillies about its arrivals, crop area and assaying. This led us to work in this direction from point zero. On our way we got great help from many people from field’s like agronomy, software engineering, weather experts, government agencies, media houses and others. In the year 2022 we took a big decision to bring our digital program into a separate brand as www.SpiceExtra.in , as we felt many people’s lives are dependent on Hampali Traders and if we make any mistake it might disturb it.

This decision was good for our digitization program as we were now a small startup like environment where there was room for innovation, mistakes and continuous learning. We used our linkedin community to approach people with the skills we are in need of. Also we started publishing the Dry Chilli reports on 1st of every month, so as to bring more accountability, reliability and transparency in our work values. And in the year 2022-23 we are very happy with the results, as we were one of very few who were predicting a good crop this year. 

We believe SpiceExtra product Hukum can play a important role in digitization of Indian Dry Chilli Industry if it can focus on its values.

SpiceExtra is a platform for Research and Development(R&D) initiatives in Dry Chilli. It will focus on Digitizing – Price and Arrivals, Crop survey, Assaying and Branding. Check us at www.SpiceExtra.in




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