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Dry Chilli Market Report for Karnataka : 2020-21

Dry Chilli is one of major cash crop of India, grown majorly at Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Karnataka is one of major market for farmers to trade, which constitutes about 25% share of total India.
Major Chilli growing area in Karnataka are Hubli, Bellary and Raichur.  

Hubli, is known for growing Byadgi/KDL variety popularly known as Local. Local Byadgi has the highest colour value among chillies, upto 270 ASTA. It is grown organically in a traditional way, which gives it a higher self life. Annigeri and Kundgol are major growing areas.

BELLARY area is the biggest chilli growing area due to irrigation facility from tungabhadra dam. Main varieties grown here are Byadgi/KDL, Dabbi, Syngenta 5531 and Syngenta 2043.

RAICHUR, previously famous for growing pulses, now this area is growing chilli on huge scale. Main varieties are Byadgi/KDL, Super-10, Indo-5, Syngenta 5531 and Syngenta 2043.

Area Sowing period Harvest period
Hubli June - July November - March
Bellary July - August January - April
Raichur July - September February - April

Major Top Qualities At Karnataka


Colour - 270 ASTA
Heat - 15000 SHU


Colour - 240 ASTA
Heat - 3000 SHU

Syngenta 5531

Colour - 140 ASTA
Heat - 30000 SHU

Devanur Deluxe

Colour - 160 ASTA
Heat - 30000 SHU

Dry Chilli Market Report for Karnataka : 2020-21

In this report we try to give out data about year 2020-21 arrivals, prices and insight. This will be monthly report

  • December 2020
  • January 2021
  • February 2021
  • March 2021
  • April 2021

Dry Chilli Prices in 2020 - 2021

Variety/Price December January February March April
Byadgi/KDL 35000 34000 32000 29000 26000
Dabbi NA NA 36000 33000 29000
Devanur Deluxe NA 18000 17000 15000 14000
Syngenta 5531 NA 17000 15000 14000 13000
Syngenta 2043 NA 29000 26000 24000 22000

December - 2020

Around 6 lakh bags arrivals in month of December.
Heavy monsoon had adverse effect on crop for some area, thus resulted in high quantities of low quality.
As there was low stock from previous year, hence demand was high. This resulted in high price right from the start of season.
Hubli area farmers started bringing good quality of Byadgi/KDL from December 15th itself.

January - 2021

Around 7.6 lakh bags arrivals in month of january.
Majority of arrived was lower to colour quality medium.
This season KDL/Byadgi price was very high, hence farmers took advantage and started picking earlier than last year.
Compared with December month, January’s price was similar but quality was better

February - 2021

Around 13.9 lakh bags arrivals in month of February.
As arrivals of Syngenta-5531 and Syngenta-2043 had increased, thus price reduced.
Some farmers started opting to cold storage with future high price perspective.
Arrivals and quality of Syngenta 5531 was on good scale.
Arrivals of Dabbi was started post february 15th.
Arrivals of Bellary Area Byadgi/KDL also started.

March - 2021

Around 17.3 lakh bags arrivals in month of march.
Arrivals of Syngenta 5531, Dabbi and Bellary KDL was on good scale.
Hubli area Byadgi/KDL arrivals were very minimal as their harvest was completed in february itself.
Price of all varieties had dropped due to surge in arrivals. Due to reduce in price, farmers started opting to cold storage.
Raichur, started sending its chilli from 2nd week.

April - 2021

Around 9 lakh bags arrivals in month of april.
Price of all varieties had dropped as due to surge in supply..
In this month covid lockdown started across Karnataka from 3rd week, hence not much trading activities which led to farmer heading towards cold storage.
By end of April, most of cold storages across karnataka had reached 85% capacity.

Year 2020-21 summarized

  • Around 55 lakh bags hit the market this year from December 2020 to May 2021, which is 20-30% higher than last year.
  • Karnataka has about 55-60 lakh bags of cold storage capacity, by may 2021 they were 90% capacity occupied. Last year it was roughly 60-70%.
  • Excessive rain during august to september 2020 had destroyed the crop but farmers re-sowed till November.
  • During first 2 months of season there was high arrivals of low quality this created illusion of lower yield.
  • Chilli was arriving at market till may 2021.

About us

  • Hampali Traders is a 50 year old Dry Chilli Merchant firm based out from Hubli, Karnataka.
  • Started by Shri Nagappa Hampali, who with his hard work and sincerity is serving his clients.
  • We purchase directly from farm and at APMC. Our purchase centre are at Hubli, Bellary, Gadag and Raichur.
  • At Hampali Traders, we have high standards for 3P’s- Purchase, Processing and Packing.
  • Major qualities we trade are 
    • Hubli area Byadgi/KDL 
    • Bellary area Byadgi/KDL 
    • Dabbi
    • Devanur Deluxe
    • Syngenta 5531
    • Syngenta 2043


Mr. Basu Hampali


Address: Hampali Traders, B-33, APMC Yard, Hubbali, Karnataka 580025

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